Bonus Episode 20 City of the Dead/The Skull


The twentieth bonus episode of Hammer House of Podcast is up now!

And, yes, this is a double episode. Why is it a double episode? Well there are very good reasons, very sound and good reasons, which are wholly Paul’s fault.

But what an excellent pair of films to have together! A gorgeously atmospheric tale of witches in a very English America, followed by a Cushing and Lee pic where they actually *talk* to one another without any manner of attempted murder for whole scenes! Also, there is SkullCam. Which is excellent and NoseSkullCam, which is arguably the single greatest directorial choice we’ve seen so far in our voyage through horror.

As this is a Patrons only episode, and a thank you for supporting our podcast, it’s only available on Patreon and not our regular podcast feed. This, and all previous bonus episodes, are available to all new Patrons for as little as $1 a month.

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