Bonus Episode 19 The Wicker Man


The nineteenth bonus episode of Hammer House of Podcast is up now!

The Wicker Man is only one of the very best films of all time. Co-incidently it’s also filmed all around where Liz lives, yay! For this most uncanny of horrors we’re joined by esteemed writer Cavan Scott, who reveals he made the most marvellous of all possible Wicker Man homages in a Star Wars comic. (He apologises a lot for promoting, but it is relevant, v relevant, so relevant I’m mentioning it here because it made me so happy.)

But, yes, a remote Scottish island, a missing girl, an uptight Catholic/Calvinist (er, we’re not sure) puritan in the form of the sublime Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, singing, dancing, and a (spoiler) whacking great wicker man. It’s good. It’s very very good.

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