Upcoming Films

After a request from a listener, here is the complete list of films we’ll be covering on the podcast. The ones in brackets will be the bonus episodes for Patreon supporters:

July 27th: (The Wickerman)
August 13th: The Phantom of the Opera (25/06/62)
August 27th: (The City of the Dead/The Skull)
September 13th: The Damned (20/05/63)
September 27th: (The Ugly Duckling.)
October 13th: Maniac (20/05/63).
October 27th: (The Psychopath.)

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Forthcoming Episodes

We’ve made the decision to make our Patrons-only episodes (covering Amicus anthology horror movies and various others) monthly, out on the 27th of each month. So here’s our schedule for the first part of the year:

January 27th: (Patrons only.) Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors.

February 13th: X the Unknown.

February 27th (Patrons only.) Torture Garden.

March 13th: The Curse of Frankenstein.

March 27th: (Patrons only.) Our first Patron movie choice, by Carl Morries: Hammer comedy movie On the Buses!

April 13th: Quatermass 2.

April 27th: (Patrons only.) The House that Dripped Blood.

May 13th: The Abominable Snowman.

May 27th: (Patrons only.) Our second Patron movie choice, by Darryll Robson: 1963 horror movie The Haunting!

June 13th: Dracula (with special guest!)

June 27th: (Patrons only.) Asylum.

July 13th: The Snorkel.

July 27th: (Patrons only.) Our third Patron movie choice, by Nicholas Xylas: Carry on Screaming!

August 13th: The Revenge of Frankenstein (with special guest!)

August 27th: (Patrons only.) Tales from the Crypt.

September 13th: The Hound of the Baskervilles (with special guest!)

September 27th: (Patrons only.) Our fourth Patron movie choice, by Ed Boff: Island of Terror!

October 13th: The Mummy.

October 27th: (Patrons only.) The Vault of Horror.

November 13th: The Man Who Could Cheat Death.

November 27th: (Patrons only.) This slot goes to the choice of movie of whichever $5 level Patron, who hasn’t chosen before) wants to speak up on this page!

And we continue in the same vein from then on. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and patronage. We couldn’t do this without you!