Upcoming Films

After a request from a listener, here is the complete list of films we’ll be covering on the podcast. The ones in brackets will be the bonus episodes for Patreon supporters:

July 27th: (The Wickerman)
August 13th: The Phantom of the Opera (25/06/62)
August 27th: (The City of the Dead/The Skull)
September 13th: The Damned (20/05/63)
September 27th: (The Ugly Duckling.)
October 13th: Maniac (20/05/63).
October 27th: (The Psychopath.)

November 13th: Kiss of the Vampire (26/01/64)
November 27th: (Quatermass.)
December 13th: Paranoiac (26/01/64)
December 27th: (The Deadly Bees.)

January 13th: Nightmare (19/04/64)
January 27th: (Village of the Damned.)
February 13th: The Evil of Frankenstein (31/05/64)
February 27th: (Scream and Scream Again.)
March 13th: The Gorgon (18/10/64)
March 27th: (The Flesh and the Fiends.)
April 13th: The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (18/10/64)
April 27th: (I, Monster.)
May 13th: Fanatic (21/03/65)
May 27th: (Dead of Night.)
June 13th: She (18/04/65)
June 27th: (What Became of Jack and Jill?)
July 13th: Hysteria (27/06/65)
July 27th: (Horror Express.)
August 13th: The Nanny (07/11/65)
August 27th: (And Now the Screaming Starts!)
September 13th: Dracula – Prince of Darkness (09/01/66)
September 27th: (Psychomania.)
October 13th: The Plague of the Zombies (09/01/66)
October 27th: (Madhouse.)
November 13th: Rasputin – The Mad Monk
November 27th: (Cash on Demand.)
December 13th: The Reptile (06/03/66)
Decemeber 27th: (The Sorcerors.)


January 13th: The Old Dark House (?/07/66)
January 27th: (Theatre of Blood.)
February 13th: The Witches (09/12/66)
February 27th: (The Blood Beast Terror.)
March 13th: One Million Years BC (30/12/66)
March 27th: (The Abominable Dr. Phibes.)
April 13th: The Viking Queen (26/03/67)
April 27th: (Witchfinder General.)
May 13th: Frankenstein Created Woman (18/06/67)
May 27th: (The Legend of Hell House.)
June 13th: The Mummy’s Shroud (18/06/67)
June 27th: (Curse of the Crimson Altar.)
July 13th: Quatermass and the Pit (19/11/67)
July 27th: (Death Line.)
August 13th: The Anniversary (18/02/68)*
August 27th: (The Haunted House of Horror.)
September 13th: The Vengeance of She (14/04/68)
September 27th: (Them!)
October 13th: Slave Girls (07/07/68)
October 27th: (The Beast in the Cellar.)
November 13th: The Devil Rides Out (20/07/68)
November 27th: (Victim.)
December 13th: The Lost Continent (27/07/68)
December 27th: (Blood on Satan’s Claw)


January 13th: Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (24/11/68)
January 27th: (Night of the Eagle.)
February 13th: Frankenstein Must be Destroyed (08/06/69)
February 27th: (Doomwatch.)
March 13th: Crescendo (07/06/70)
March 27th: (House of the Long Shadows.)
April 13th: Taste the Blood of Dracula (07/05/70)
April 27th: (The Creeping Flesh.)
May 13th: The Vampire Lovers (04/10/70)
May 27th: (The Innocents.)
June 13th: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (25/10/70)
June 27th: (House of Usher.)
July 13th: The Horror of Frankenstein (08/11/70)
July 27th: (Fright.)
August 13th: Scars of Dracula (08/11/70)
August 27th: (The Pit and the Pendulum.)
September 13th: Lust for a Vampire (17/01/71)
October 13th: Countess Dracula (14/02/71)
November 13th: Creatures the World Forgot (18/04/71)
December 13th: Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (14/10/71)
January 13th: Hands of the Ripper (17/10/71)
January 27th: (A Challenge for Robin Hood)
February 13th: Twins of Evil (17/10/71)
February 27th: (The Raven )
March 13th: Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (07/11/71)
March 27th: Symptoms (1974).
April 13th: Vampire Circus (30/04/72)
May 13th: Straight on Till Morning (09/07/72)
May 27th: The Devils (1971)
June 13th: Fear in the Night (09/07/72)
June 27th: The Masque of Red Death
July 13th: Dracula AD 1972 (27/09/72)
August 13th: Demons of the Mind (05/11/72)
September 13th: The Satanic Rites of Dracula (13/01/74)
September 27th: Don’t Look Now!
October 13th: Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (07/04/74)
October 27th: The Premature Burial
November 13th: Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (02/05/74)
(November 27th: Jack the Ripper (1959))
December 13th: The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (06/10/74)
(December 27th: Tales of Terror)


January 13th: To the Devil… a Daughter (04/03/76)

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