Episode 3 The Curse of Frankenstein


Greetings! And welcome to the third episode of Hammer House of Podcast, where Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Elementary) and Lizbeth Myles (Verity!) discuss, in order of UK release, every horror movie made by Hammer Film Productions between 1955 and 1976, from The Quatermass Xperiment to To the Devil… A Daughter.

In this episode we’re discussing 1957’s The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer’s first colour movie and the most influential British horror film of them all (probably). Peter Cushing’s in this one! He’s in it a lot! He’s brilliant, he is. Alas the entire podcast is not about how amazing Peter Cushing is; we also cover such topics as how bad parenting can lead to your kid going body-snatching, why you shouldn’t be distracted by guinea pigs, and how annoying it is when guillotines don’t drop.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 3 The Curse of Frankenstein

  1. Darryll

    Loved the Podcast!
    For years I thought this was black and white (for some reason having only seen it on my portable camping TV, which was black and white). When I saw it in colour for the first time it seemed like a different film. The colour is so important to the visual storytelling.


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